What is a dysfunctional family gathering without delicious pie and cookies?

Hello my pie loving beauties! I want to wish you a wonderful, safe and memorable holiday season and also remind you to buy some pie and cookies from this Little Ladybug! For the month of December, I’ll have my Sour Cream Shortbread cookies with holiday sprinkles at the pie table. Why only in December are these cookies available you ask? Since you ask so politely, I shall answer! Because they are kind of a pain to make so I carry them exclusively in December! The cookies are soft and rich without being too sweet, a perfect treat to bring to your holiday gathering. Also ready to stop the show at dinner (in a good way) are my delicious hand made pies! Using honest, natural ingredients along with traditional recipes my pies will hit the nostalgic sweet spot you didn’t realize needed to be hit! Come see me at my farmers markets to take them treats home! Happy Holidays! xoxo