Welcome to October! Enter earlier sunsets, later sunrises and NEW PIE FLAVORS!

Last week at all three of my markets I had people asking about when I would have Pumpkin Pie. So I thought to myself, ‘Self, get on that’. So, now its here in all its silky, custard-y, pumpkin-y goodness. And accompanying the Classic Pumpkin Pie is my Nutrageous Pecan Walnut Pie. Now THIS pie, is OOC. (Out Of Control for those of you who don’t live in my brain) The combination of both the nuts which makes a more dynamic pie in my opinion. In addition the nuts get toasted, which releases the oils and gives the pie a deeper, nuttier flavor. While I’m not entirely thrilled about the shorter fall days, I AM entirely thrilled about my new Fall flavors of pie! I’m sure you will be as well!