Wedding Pies! Wedding Season! Weddings! Wedding Pies!


It has come to my attention that pies are the new alternative to wedding cake (so long cupcakes!).

I understand the desire to have pie at your festivities:

~you can have a bunch of flavors,

~each table can get their very own wedding pie,

~your dessert table will look inviting and rustic and delicious, and most of all, who doesn’t like pie?!? (other than that one aunt who doesn’t like anything, she doesn’t count).


~pie is the best thing ever.


All of this is to say, I would love to provide the pies for your wedding! Or for your anniversary! Or birthday! Or for Meeting the Parents! Or whatever reason you need to have to buy a pie. Ladybug is here for you.


Happy March! Happy Spring! See you at the Market! xoxo IMG_3369IMG_3376IMG_3374