Last Sunday I made this happy discovery that rhubarb is back in season! Most people think my farmer (the fabulous Tim Boughton from Amber Oaks Orchards) is selling massive celery sticks, but I know better. I know this celery on steroids is actually rhubarb and that its completely delicious in pie!

Tim sells a special variety of rhubarb that doesn’t require peeling, which is desirable for me because in the past I have literally peeled rhubarb until my fingers bled and have NO interest in doing that again!

The rhubarb gets diced and tossed with strawberries, a little sugar and vanilla then lovingly wrapped in an all butter pie crust and baked to golden perfection. The smell of this pie coming straight from the oven is ranked among my favorite scents on the planet.

C’mon, Try a slice and fall in love today. xoxo ladybug