These Organic/Pesticide-Free Farms can be found at the Thursday and Sunday Marin Civic Center farmers markets.


Tully Dolci Organic Farm, Petaluma, Ca

The farm was created in 2007 from the desire to grow and produce a fresh, clean tasting and healthy product. Raising the chickens on certified organic pasture and feed, sun, wind, and fresh air all contribute to superior tasting chickens and their eggs. Tully Dolci supply the eggs in our Chocolate Chip w/ sea salt cookies and Sour Cream Shortbread cookies.


Nana Mae’s Organics, Sebastopol, Ca

Nana Mae’s Organics is a Sonoma County, CA based apple orchard. Paul and Kendra Kolling have over 400 acres of apple orchards across Sonoma County. Their apples have won awards and accolades for the 25+ heirloom varieties of apples. Nana Mae’s Organics supplies the Organic Apples and Blackberries used in our Apple Pie, Blackberry Pie and Mixed Berry Pie.


Amber Oaks Farm, Auburn, Ca

Amber Oaks Farm, since 1980, is a family farm run by Timothy and Rhonda Boughton. Their farm has over 100 offerings of pick your own and picked to order produce. Visit the Sunday Marin Civic Center farmers market and browse the fresh and beautiful produce while Tim hocks his goods to the crowds. Amber Oaks supplies the Pesticide-Free Blackberries and Rhubarb used in our Blackberry Pie, Mixed Berry Pie and Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie.


County Line Harvest, Petaluma, Ca

County Line Harvest is a certified Organic farm with two locations in Northern CA. Their name came from the farm’s first location which was on the Sonoma-Marin County line. Since its start in 2000, the farm has expanded to their two current farms that together total nearly 100 acres. Their crops are chosen based on climate suitability, taste and appearance. I buy my strawberries from them because they taste like sunshine and angel kisses. County Line Harvest supplies the Organic Strawberries used in our Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie.


E-Z Does It! Certified Organic Farms

E-Z Does It! Certified Organic Farms are based in Corning, CA. The family run farm since 1993 produces top-quality olive oil, and raises chickens, sheep, goats and horses. E-Z Does It! farm supplies the Organic eggs used in our Chocolate Chip w/ Sea Salt Cookies and My Moms Sour Cream Shortbread Cookies.


Wilson Farms, Central Valley, Ca

Wilson Farms is a very small family run farm based in Central CA. They sell raisins, almonds, walnuts and peppers at the Sunday Marin Civic Center farmers market. Wilson Farms supplies the Walnuts used in our Pecan-Walnut Pie.


Hamlow Ranch, Denair, CA

Hamlow Ranch offers a stellar assortment of Pesticide-Free peaches, nectarines, cherries, almonds, walnuts and sweet potatoes in Northern California farmers markets. Hamlow Ranches supplies the fruit found in our Peach Pie, Peach Nectarine Pie and Summer Stone Fruit Pie.