Pre-order your pie and cookies!
To ensure that you will find exactly what you are hoping for at the Little Ladybug Bakery pie booth we strongly encourage you to pre-order your pies and cookies. We’ll then have your order set aside, ready for you to pick up at the Grand Lake farmers market.  Its as easy as pie!Are you wanting pies at your wedding? (its the hottest new thing now, don’t you know) Do you have your heart set on a birthday pie rather than cake? or, do you just not see the pie you are looking for? No worries, Little Ladybug Bakery does custom pies! Just send an email with your pie request and we’ll do the best we can to make your pie wants/needs/and dreams come true!

Are you a chef? Cafe owner? Small grocer in need of delicious and unique pies and cookies to fill your shelves? Little Ladybug Bakery is here for you! email for a wholesale price list.

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