Welcome to the new Little Ladybug Bakery website! Isn’t it just the most? To say the least?!

Thank you for visiting the new Little Ladybug website! I am so excited be present on the internet as well as in the Bay Area. It has been a wonderfully long and interesting process. From deciding to start a pie bakery and applying to farmers markets to developing wholesale accounts, to creating relationships with local farmers so I carry only the freshest of ingredients in my pies. And now, having a virtual storefront!! I am so thankful for all the support and encouragement I have received from everyone who stops by my pie booth to satisfy their baked good needs. I currently participate in three farmers markets with my eye on the prize of opening my own stone and mortar storefront in Oakland. My plans are for a beautiful small bakery with an open kitchen in back so you can see the pastry magic being made. It will be the perfect place to swing by and grab a delicious dessert for dinner or to enjoy a slice of pie in while sitting by the window sipping a cup of loose leaf tea. Every pie and cookie purchased now is helping Little Ladybug achieve this lovely dream. So while we wait for the literal storefront to be funded and built, you have my pie table three times a week at the markets and THIS awesome website! Enjoy, poke around, pre-order some pies! If you have a special flavor pie in mind shoot me an email, I’m sure I can make it happen for you!