Pictures of Little Ladybug Bakery and other minutia

Hi Guys and Gals!


Life has been exciting and strange this summer to say the least (the VERY least) and here are some photos to prove it. ┬áSummer 2016 saw this little ladybug in Machu Picchu, Peru/Napa Valley,CA/Seattle, WA/San Diego, CA and of course, the best place on earth… my kitchen in Oakland, CA. ┬áThere is also a bonus picture of my cat, Eowyn.


IMG_7767 IMG_7736 IMG_7598 IMG_7557 IMG_7471 IMG_7375 FSQX6581 IMG_7082 IMG_7057 IMG_7055 IMG_7054 IMG_7053 IMG_7049 IMG_6991 IMG_7014