Looking for Sweet Potato Pie made with locally sourced organic tubers? Found it!

While at the Marin Civic Center farmers market on Sundays, Ladybug spends part of her time scouting for the produce she’ll put into her pies for the following week. And finding the best sweet potatoes money can buy is now on her list of goods to look for! Once the best looking sweet potatoes and Japanese yams in the market come home with Ladybug she then slowly roasts them. The long, low heat roasting process is more than just a great way to make the kitchen smell amazing, it also develops the natural sugars in the potatoes. And with more of the natural sugars developed, the less refined sugar needs to be added! Boom! Organic Sweet Potato Pie will make its way onto Little Ladybugs pie table mid October! Keep your eyes and tastebuds out for it!