Little Ladybug Bakery’s 7 Heirloom Apple Pie is the shiz. Let me tell you why.

Hi lovers,

When my apple farmer (Paul from Nana Mae’s Organic Orchard) delivered the 40# of apples to my booth the other day he mentioned in passing there were seven different kinds of apples in the box. To which I replied with “HOLD THE PHONE!. Are you serious? SEVEN different varieties? Thats information my pie lovers need to know!”

So, here you go. A list of the seven apples found in a Ladybug 7 Heirloom Apple Pie:

*Rhode Island Greeny
*Rome Beauty
*Golden Delicious
*Wine Sap
*Black Twig

All the apples have different flavors, sweetness levels and pectin amounts which means you really get a full bouquet of apple flavor in every bite.

So now you know. March forth with that information and tell the world!