How Little Ladybug Bakery got its name.

Here is the story of the person who inspired Little Ladybug Bakery.

September 2008 I  had recently moved from Seattle to San Diego and was working at a coffee shop.   Jorge Alberto Cardenas Becerril worked at the flower shop next door and my 3rd day of work he came in full of smiles, tattoos, muscles and motorcycles.  I fell in love the moment I turned around and saw him smiling at me.  Jorgie was my first true love, my life is divided between Before/After meeting him.

I named my bakery Little Ladybug Bakery because he gave me the nickname Ladybug (because of my freckles.)  He encouraged me to quit my lame job to start my bakery.  He helped me scoop cookies when I first got started.  He encouraged me when I was unsure about whether I was making the right decisions.  Our relationship didn’t last but not from lack of love.

Yesterday morning, my sweet Jorge died on his motorcycle while he was commuting to work.  He was only 27 years old.

Please hold tight to the ones you love. Please love as deeply as you possibly can, you’ll never regret it.

Please, please, please look twice for motorcycles when you’re driving.