Breaking News Update! Panda Watch! Channel 4 News Team Assemble!

Little Ladybug Bakery is doing really quite well as a wholesale bakery. Not that we all didn’t assume that to be the case, but here is confirmation. Wholesale is great!

You can now also find Little Ladybug Bakery baked goods at:


Coloso Coffee

1715 Webster St. Oakland


For Coloso Coffee and Awaken Cafe  Im making adorable little hand pies.  The hand pies can be eaten in 3-4 bites, perfect for a pie fiend on the go!

Also at Coloso Coffee and Awaken Cafe you can also find NEW Cheddar Herb Biscuits!

Im using the traditional 1947 Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook ‘Biscuit Supreme’ recipe and adding shredded cheddar cheese and a secret blend of herbs.  This amazing flakey, buttery, cheesy, herb-y biscuit should appease the more savory inclined baked good lover.


and, here is some obligatory food pOrn.