Fashion Show at the farmers market last Saturday! (bonus pictures of Arnold and Mandor the cat.)

Rhubarb Season is almost here!

My farmer, Tim Boughten from Amber Oaks Orchard has promised me that Rhubarb will be here before May!

Now I don’t know if I can really trust Tim because not only does he not control rain/sun, he also pans for gold.  And just like you, Im not really sure what gold panning has to do with rhubarb but I wanted to share that cool detail about my produce farmer with you!

So, there you go, now you know of someone who legitimately pans for gold.  And here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

EASTER IS THIS SUNDAY! I Promise you need a pie for it. Be that guy with the pie!

Italian Easter Pie only shows up once a year, similar to the Easter bunny and Santa and Leprechauns! (and my dad, lol!)

What on Gods green earth is Italian Easter Pie you ask?  Lemme tell you, its amazing.

Made with Bellwether Farms whole milk ricotta cheese, organic eggs, orange zest and chocolate pieces. So its reminiscent to a light cheesecake … pie. Cannoli filling in a pie crust!Its just worth a try is what it is.

Since its only around ONCE A YEAR, why not? Your Easter will be all the better for it! Actually, your Easter will be MADE from it because,  if the Easter Bunny forgets to fill your basket (which happens more and more often in adulthood),  your pie hole will be filled.