Easter is 3 weeks away! Mothers Day is 8 weeks away! Don’t screw these holidays up!

Easter is a big holiday, for whatever reason that you celebrate. And all reasons that you celebrate Easter should involve pie. Pie Pie Pie. Cherry Pie. Berry Pie. Coconut Pie. Pie Pie Pie.


Pre-order your pie(s) for Easter so you can be the hero who shows up with something delicious. Rather than the person who shows up empty handed with a new tattoo (Hi Grandma!).

Whatever your reason for loving/hating/not caring about Easter, the day should definitely involve fresh, hand made pie.

Wedding Pies! Wedding Season! Weddings! Wedding Pies!


It has come to my attention that pies are the new alternative to wedding cake (so long cupcakes!).

I understand the desire to have pie at your festivities:

~you can have a bunch of flavors,

~each table can get their very own wedding pie,

~your dessert table will look inviting and rustic and delicious, and most of all, who doesn’t like pie?!? (other than that one aunt who doesn’t like anything, she doesn’t count).


~pie is the best thing ever.


All of this is to say, I would love to provide the pies for your wedding! Or for your anniversary! Or birthday! Or for Meeting the Parents! Or whatever reason you need to have to buy a pie. Ladybug is here for you.


Happy March! Happy Spring! See you at the Market! xoxo IMG_3369IMG_3376IMG_3374