All sorts of PIE RELATED NEWS!

Because I was feeling a little stir crazy from all the rain I decided to bring back Mixed Berry Pie!  Blackberries, Blueberries and Raspberries all together in a flaky buttery pie crust, wowza. The smell of this pie baking makes me feel like its July again. I love it and so should you!


Also, due to a little Hallmark Holiday called Valentines Day Ive brought back the Chocolate Pot de Creme Pie! Actually, it wasn’t Valentines Day that spurred the return of this pie. It was my stomach. Either way, this pie only comes around a couple times a year, its like an illusive unicorn that way.

*RICH RICH RICH is one way to describe this DECADENTLY CHOCOLATE-Y pie.

*Another way to describe it is, WOW WHO NEEDS MEN???.

The Chocolate Pot de Creme Pie is made with organic eggs, super fancy Dutch chocolate and is captured in an all butter crust.  Get a taste of it while its here because this WILDLY DELICIOUS unicorn-like pie won’t be around for long!


The Lemon Lime Chess Pie can be found as well on my pie table this time of year.  A ‘Chess’ pie is any pie made with the basic -eggs-butter-sugar- pie filling.  This version has fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice added to make for a luscious, softly set, citrus-y, custard-like pie. Add in an all butter pie shell and you’ve got yourself a really, really nice pie.


And as always, I have the Heirloom Apple Pie also. This pie is a crowd pleaser, an all around, voted most universally enjoyed, entirely yummy pie. Several different apples make for a bouquet of apple flavor in every bite!