Little Ladybug Bakery NEWS BULLETIN!

Hi Babes,


After four years of dutiful attendance to the Thursday Marin Civic Center farmers market I have decided to move on to greener pastures (get it? GREENER = $$$$$ …no? sigh).

Little Ladybug Bakery will still be attending our regular weekend markets :

Saturdays in Oakland at the Grand Lake farmers market, 9am-2pm


Sundays at the Marin  Civic Center farmers market, 8am-1pm.

I’ll be expanding my wholesale accounts and catering opportunities with my new ‘free’ day!  Contact me if you have any wholesale/catering questions.  Consider yourself updated!

Thank you for supporting this little Ladybug!!

Goodbye Pumpkin Pie…. HELLO French Coconut Custard Pie!

I love Pumpkin Pie, its my most very favorite pie.  But much like everything else in life, its time to shine has come and gone (see you in 10 months Pumpkin Pie!! ) and were now making room in our bellies for a new  pie flavor!


Enter (fabulously sashaying) French Coconut Custard Pie!  This wildly unique pie is divine, a gently sweet vanilla custard is mixed with toasted coconut creating a sweet, slightly chewy while still silky smooth dessert for the masses.


If you’ve had this pie, then I needn’t go on.

If you haven’t had this pie yet, I still needn’t go on. Just buy a slice and discover a taste of heaven for yourself!

See you at the market! xoxoIMG_1075