Autumn Pie Flavors are here: Classic Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Walnut Pie!

Its that time of year again, the time when you can have Pumpkin pie for breakfast because… because its delicious. I’ll be taking orders for Thanksgiving at the market, see you there!

Autumn is among us. Let us welcome it with scarves, layers and season pie flavors.

Hi errbody,

Pumpkin Pie will be here Thursday October 30th. I’ll bring in my fabulous and delicious Pecan-Walnut Pie shortly after. According to me, these pie flavors and smells and memories are what the Holiday season is all about. I’ll see all you beautiful people at my pie table, ready to delve into some seasonal favorites!

xoxo Ladybug

October is here! I love Fall fashion, flavors and getting to go to bed earlier!


I am still getting blackberries at the farmers market (Rodriguez Farms, you have my heart!) so I am still making Mixed Berry Pie!

Blackberries in October is one of the many many reasons I love California.

See ya’ll at the market!