Apple Season is upon us! And it is delicious!

Hola lovers,

My apple farmer, Paul from Nana Mae’s Organics brought me a 40# box of apples last week. And since I went to college I was able to deduce that maybe it was time to bring apple pie back to the Ladybug pie table.

Fuji, Jonathan, Golden Delicious and Rhode Island Greeny apples are heirloom varieties with distinctly different flavors. Each apple has a unique sweet/tart flavor profile and each bake up slightly different. I mixed them all together with a touch of sugar, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg to make a fantastic Heirloom Apple Pie with a heady bouquet of apple flavor.

Get yourself a slice today and see what all the fuss is about!


It is now September. So I guess its time to start talking about Christmas shopping?

Im just as ok to not talk about it too.

Plus, anyone who lives in the Bay Area knows that summer doesn’t even really begin until the end of August! WooHoo Summer!

(p.s. Apples are back in season, Ill have them in pie form shortly. Stay Tuned!)