America is having her 238th birthday! Let’s party!

And by ‘party’ I mean, let us sip carbonated beverages, cook things over an open fire and eat hella pie. Because nothing says Happy Birthday USA like over imbibing.

I’ll be at the Marin Civic Center farmers market on Thursday July 3rd, with a van full of pie to sell you! I hope to see you there! (IF I DONT SEE YOU WE ARE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE)

xoxo ladybug

“And what day does you hold the fourth of July on…?” – Da Ali G

Hello fellow Americans,

The 4th of July falls on the first friday of the month, which means fresh pie for our country’s Independence Day is completely possible!

I’ll be at the Marin Civic Centers farmers market in San Rafael on THURSDAY JULY 3rd selling ALL AMERICAN PIES!

Don’t be the communist who shows up to the BBQ without a pie.

Thanks!! xoxoxo ladybug

Very Necessary Cherry Pie is here for the season!! Someone call the President!

Never has Little Ladybug Bakery been so jazzed about a pie flavor! Thats a lie, Im ALWAYS jazzed about my new pie flavors, but this one is really really super special!

I finally found a supplier of red, TART cherries! Tart (or Sour) cherries are pretty hard to come by but Ive got them now!

No need to really try and sell this pie, it sells itself! Seriously, CHERRY PIE?!? I’LL TAKE A DOZEN AND SO WILL YOU IF YOU KNOW WHATS GOOD FER YA!

Happy June! Happy Summer! Happy Happy Happy to be alive!