Small changes at Little Ladybug Bakery

First things first, please feast your eyes on my adorable outfit. Seriously a ruffled pink dress with a white knit cape?! Who does that? ME.

Anyway, the real reason I called you in here today is because Little Ladybug Bakery has made a small but important change in the packaging of the pie slices. As you can see at the bottom of the photo posted, the slices are now in recycled, compostable cardboard containers which will help Ladybug reduce her plastic consumption. Because plastic is the devil.

That’s all for now, carry on with your bad self.

Little Ladybug Bakery’s 7 Heirloom Apple Pie is the shiz. Let me tell you why.

Hi lovers,

When my apple farmer (Paul from Nana Mae’s Organic Orchard) delivered the 40# of apples to my booth the other day he mentioned in passing there were seven different kinds of apples in the box. To which I replied with “HOLD THE PHONE!. Are you serious? SEVEN different varieties? Thats information my pie lovers need to know!”

So, here you go. A list of the seven apples found in a Ladybug 7 Heirloom Apple Pie:

*Rhode Island Greeny
*Rome Beauty
*Golden Delicious
*Wine Sap
*Black Twig

All the apples have different flavors, sweetness levels and pectin amounts which means you really get a full bouquet of apple flavor in every bite.

So now you know. March forth with that information and tell the world!

More dresses for the market! Keep your eyes out for these gems.

This Little Ladybug doesn’t get a whole lot of free time, but when she does have some you will find her digging through a grimy thrift store for vintage clothes! Here are some pictures of my most recent finds!

If you’ve ever ask yourself, ‘What does Ladybug do in her time off?’

The answer is here. Apparently she takes shameless selfies in her new dresses and drinks coffee at outdoor cafes. I know you were keeping yourself awake at night wondering.