New Summer Pie Flavors!

The farmers markets are bursting at the seams with perfect, beautiful and tasty fruit! So I took it upon myself to turn that fruit into PIE! So, for a wonderfully limited time you can now find …. wait for it … Summer Stone Fruit Pie and Blackberry Pie at Little Ladybug Bakery’s pie table!! There are a few things you can trust the Ladybug on: 1. You should not miss out on these pies. 2. Pie is a total pain in a neck to make. 3. Buying Little Ladybug Bakery’s pie will make you taller, stronger, more attractive and desirable. 4. What are you waiting for? Order a pie right now!!

Thoughts by the the Ladybug.

The beautiful month of May is here, bringing with it Strawberries, Raspberries, Cherries, Rhubarb and Peaches. Along with the fragrant bounty of fruit May also brings us Mothers Day! You know, the day that always creeps up on you and then with about 48 hours notice… JUMPS OUT OF NOWHERE to tell you that you’re a terrible child. Or that could just be how it deals with me, either way you should buy a Little Ladybug Bakery pie and give it to the mother in your life. Because, who doesn’t like to receive a hand-made, fresh baked dessert they didn’t have to pay for?!

No mothers in your life? Buy a pie for yourself, I’m sure you’ve mothered something at some point this year.