Little Ladybug Bakery at the farmers market! You can find my bountiful (very pink and very ruffly) pie table bursting with seasonal pies, crispy and chewy cookies and fresh from the oven biscuits on Thursdays and Sundays at the Marin Civic Center farmers market, 8am-1pm or Saturdays at the Grand Lake farmers market in Oakland, 9am-2pm. I also do my best to wear a snazzy outfit to each market, so swing by for the fashion too!

New for you! Mini ‘date night’ Pies!

For quite a while now I’ve been getting requests for mini pies. I hesitated making them because it takes just as much work and time to make something ‘mini’ as it does to make something ‘maxi’ and I was concerned that it wouldn’t be worth the effort. Well, I was wrong! These date night pies are selling like mad! A 6.5″ pie shell proves to be the magic size. A king’s portion for one if you’re indulging, perfect for two to share (hence the ‘date night’ moniker) or just enough for a dinner party of three or four! At only $14 each, these Date Night mini pies are a fabulous, tasty and affordable splurge!

Sweet, Tart and Tangy Strawberry Rhubarb Pie!

As much as I do NOT want to admit it, the summer season is slowly drawing to a close. We have maybe another month or so of Rhubarb being available at the farmers market. So while its here, I suggest you get yourself a slice of this pie or the whole thing… go crazy! The flavor of this pie is so exquisite, at first bite the tart rhubarb hits the back of your taste buds then it moves into the ambrosial sweetness of the strawberries and finishes with just a hint of vanilla and orange zest. I could talk about the way this pie tastes all day, but I have baking to do. So treat yourself to a taste of this classic pie while its here to try!

A word about Chocolate Chip with Sea Salt Cookies!

This is picture of the little Ladybug herself standing with Bob La Mar, of Mendocino Sea Salt fame! Bob and his wife,Lora collect pure ocean water off the Mendocino Coast from aboard their boat, the Fair Chase. All of their products begin with the clear, mineral rich waters of the Mendocino Coastline. The natural forming undersea canyons have a strong upwelling that forces the deepest and purest water closer to the surface, where it’s collected. To have Bob describe to you the process of making this fabulous sea salt is a treat all by itself, he is such a captivating story teller! Their salt is truly one of a kind so make sure you keep your eye open for their booth at the Marin Civic Center farmers market or look for them online at And you can always find their amazing salt on top of my wonderful Chocolate Chip cookies. The best cookies you’ve ever eaten topped with the best salt money can buy!