Classic Apple Pie is Back!

I’d been getting so many requests for apple pie lately and my answer was always ‘When apples show up at the market, they’ll show up on my pie table shortly after!’. Well, the wait is over! Yesterday was the first day I saw apples while doing my walk through of the farmers market and I ran toward them like a long lost lover! (maybe not a run, but I did briskly walk). Nana Mae’s Organic Orchards provided me with an assortment of their fresh picked apples. Different varieties of apples have different tastes, textures and pectin levels so you end up with a beautiful pie with a huge bouquet of apple flavor. From the market, to me, to you. Enjoy!

Scratch Made Pies!

‘Scratch made’ is quite a buzz word nowadays, along with ‘locally sourced’ and ‘hand crafted’. While its easy to gloss over these currently ubiquitous words, they really do mean something impressive. Scratch made means (at least here at Little Ladybug Bakery) that we don’t use pre-made pie dough, or ready-to-use pie shells. ‘Locally Sourced’ means we don’t buy our strawberries already sliced and packaged in syrup, the peaches have never known what the inside of a freezer looks like. Everything you find on the table of Little Ladybug Bakery’s booth has been lovingly picked out, prepped, assembled, baked and packaged by the Ladybug herself. Its easy to stand by a product when the product stands out so well. Swing by the market and taste the difference for yourself, there really is no comparison between ‘hand crafted’ and something from Costco. Thank goodness for that too!

Seasonal Summer Pies!

The summer season is here and the farmers market is bursting with truly outrageous fruit in the height of their season. I have the tough job of walking around the market to talk with the farmers and taste testing their fruit. Some weeks I go with Hamlow Ranches nectarines, other weeks its Kashiwase Farms peaches. Sometimes the strawberries are sourced from Tomatero Farms or County Line Harvest or Full Belly Farms, it all just depends on what I think will taste the best in my pies. The best produce will result in the best tasting pies which make the happiest customers! Please know that when you buy pies from Little Ladybug Bakery, you are supporting a beautiful network of local farmers and small business owners.