Flaky! Buttery! Biscuits!

Is there anything else that needs to be said? Using a recipe from the same 1944 Betty Crocker Blue Ribbon cookbook my mom used, these biscuits are a dream, tender, delicate and made entirely by hand! These are great with your morning coffee, or your lunch salad or with dinner, Chicken and biscuits anyone? And for only $2 each, where is the risk? Just make sure to show up early to the market because these treats sell out quick!

Spring has Sprung?

I may be rushing the season a bit but the Bay Area weather can be so confusing, Ive decided to go with it. And in light of my decided season change I have phased out the Heirloom Pumpkin pie and the Oh So Sweet Potato pie and ushered in a Lemon Chess Pie! (no worries, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato will be back next September) Lemon Chess Pie is a baked custard style pie originating in the South. The story behind the ‘chess’ name goes that when ask what was in the oven that smelled so good, the baker replied “jus’ pie!”. Organic eggs and raw organic milk make up the filling, along with hand-zested and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Tart and sweet with a silky texture, its everything you could ever want in a pie. Try a slice, it’ll be nice, don’ think thrice!