Ladybug was featured as a ‘Human of Oakland’!

Because you are nothing until you are a Human of Oakland!

Springtime at the farmers market in the Bay Area.

Rhubarb is here! Peaches and Blackberries and Stone Fruit are on their way! Fruit pie season is imminent!

And here is a funny picture of me almost dropping a pie while cheesing for the camera.

Raspberry Rhubarb Pie is available this week for your desserting pleasure.

Yes, Im aware that desserting isn’t technically a word. But, this is my bakery and my damn website so the made-up words stays! Yeah dictatorship!

Anyway, this week Little Ladybug Bakery is offering two new flavors of pie.

- Raspberry Rhubarb Pie, a fun new spin on the traditional Strawberry Rhubarb.

- Mixed Berry Mango Pie. Blackberries and Blueberries and Mangos live together in a pie crust. Taste what happens when they stop being individual fruits and start being PIE~!

These new concoctions are definitely worth a taste test. Swing by the farmers market (Marin Civic Center/Grand Lake) and treat yourself today! or tomorrow! or whenever, but make it soon!

Cute Outfit Post!

Nothing really relevant about this post except that I looked really fly a few days ago and wanted to share that with you.

Im hella modest.


Last Sunday I made this happy discovery that rhubarb is back in season! Most people think my farmer (the fabulous Tim Boughton from Amber Oaks Orchards) is selling massive celery sticks, but I know better. I know this celery on steroids is actually rhubarb and that its completely delicious in pie!

Tim sells a special variety of rhubarb that doesn’t require peeling, which is desirable for me because in the past I have literally peeled rhubarb until my fingers bled and have NO interest in doing that again!

The rhubarb gets diced and tossed with strawberries, a little sugar and vanilla then lovingly wrapped in an all butter pie crust and baked to golden perfection. The smell of this pie coming straight from the oven is ranked among my favorite scents on the planet.

C’mon, Try a slice and fall in love today. xoxo ladybug


Little Ladybug Bakery has a brand spanking new pie flavor! The pie du jour is a….. Blackberry Peach and it is out of this world delicious!

The wonderful sweet tart flavor of the blackberries pairs unbelievably well with the luscious fleshy peach sliced peaches. Its a fruity cocktail of fabulous filling wrapped up in an all butter crust.

There is really no reason to not give this beautiful pie a try! (and I rhyme, so theres that.)

Ladybug just Ladybugging around.

Little Ladybug Bakery has Blueberry Pie for a limited time!

Hi guys!

The beginning of the fiscal year is always slow for business, especially food based business and ESPECIALLY for a bakery! (New Years weight loss resolutions anyone?) So in light of that, I have decided to fight fire with fire. I decided to bring back a pie so popular and delicious that all you budgeters and dieters CAN NOT RESIST buying a slice! Or thats my goal at least.

This Blueberry Pie is not too sweet, nice and fruity, with just the right ratio of crust to filling. Swing by the market and try it for yourself. Diets be damned!


Chocolate Love Pie just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Chocolate Love Pie is the first chocolate pie that Little Ladybug Bakery has carried. And now that its here, Im wondering, Why did I wait so long?!?! The filling is made with Callebaut cocoa powder, organic pastured eggs, and organic milk. Its texturally similar to a very soft silky brownie mixture, then encased in an all butter pastry shell. So basically, this is a pie that needs to be consumed by you ASAP. Find it at my pie table this weekend for its debut at the Farmers Market!

Little Ladybug Bakery has a new addition to the cookie family!

This little ladybug decided that 2014 would usher in a new cookie for the pie table! Keep your eyes out for my Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie!

This Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie is made with real butter, organic pastured eggs, toasted oats and perfectly sweet tart cranberries! Just the right amount of cinnamon and nutmeg set the whole thing off. Try one next time you’re at the market! Its practically a health food.

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