EASTER IS THIS SUNDAY! I Promise you need a pie for it. Be that guy with the pie!

Italian Easter Pie only shows up once a year, similar to the Easter bunny and Santa and Leprechauns! (and my dad, lol!)

What on Gods green earth is Italian Easter Pie you ask?  Lemme tell you, its amazing.

Made with Bellwether Farms whole milk ricotta cheese, organic eggs, orange zest and chocolate pieces. So its reminiscent to a light cheesecake … pie. Cannoli filling in a pie crust!Its just worth a try is what it is.

Since its only around ONCE A YEAR, why not? Your Easter will be all the better for it! Actually, your Easter will be MADE from it because,  if the Easter Bunny forgets to fill your basket (which happens more and more often in adulthood),  your pie hole will be filled.

Easter is 3 weeks away! Mothers Day is 8 weeks away! Don’t screw these holidays up!

Easter is a big holiday, for whatever reason that you celebrate. And all reasons that you celebrate Easter should involve pie. Pie Pie Pie. Cherry Pie. Berry Pie. Coconut Pie. Pie Pie Pie.


Pre-order your pie(s) for Easter so you can be the hero who shows up with something delicious. Rather than the person who shows up empty handed with a new tattoo (Hi Grandma!).

Whatever your reason for loving/hating/not caring about Easter, the day should definitely involve fresh, hand made pie.

Wedding Pies! Wedding Season! Weddings! Wedding Pies!


It has come to my attention that pies are the new alternative to wedding cake (so long cupcakes!).

I understand the desire to have pie at your festivities:

~you can have a bunch of flavors,

~each table can get their very own wedding pie,

~your dessert table will look inviting and rustic and delicious, and most of all, who doesn’t like pie?!? (other than that one aunt who doesn’t like anything, she doesn’t count).


~pie is the best thing ever.


All of this is to say, I would love to provide the pies for your wedding! Or for your anniversary! Or birthday! Or for Meeting the Parents! Or whatever reason you need to have to buy a pie. Ladybug is here for you.


Happy March! Happy Spring! See you at the Market! xoxo IMG_3369IMG_3376IMG_3374


All sorts of PIE RELATED NEWS!

Because I was feeling a little stir crazy from all the rain I decided to bring back Mixed Berry Pie!  Blackberries, Blueberries and Raspberries all together in a flaky buttery pie crust, wowza. The smell of this pie baking makes me feel like its July again. I love it and so should you!


Also, due to a little Hallmark Holiday called Valentines Day Ive brought back the Chocolate Pot de Creme Pie! Actually, it wasn’t Valentines Day that spurred the return of this pie. It was my stomach. Either way, this pie only comes around a couple times a year, its like an illusive unicorn that way.

*RICH RICH RICH is one way to describe this DECADENTLY CHOCOLATE-Y pie.

*Another way to describe it is, WOW WHO NEEDS MEN???.

The Chocolate Pot de Creme Pie is made with organic eggs, super fancy Dutch chocolate and is captured in an all butter crust.  Get a taste of it while its here because this WILDLY DELICIOUS unicorn-like pie won’t be around for long!


The Lemon Lime Chess Pie can be found as well on my pie table this time of year.  A ‘Chess’ pie is any pie made with the basic -eggs-butter-sugar- pie filling.  This version has fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice added to make for a luscious, softly set, citrus-y, custard-like pie. Add in an all butter pie shell and you’ve got yourself a really, really nice pie.


And as always, I have the Heirloom Apple Pie also. This pie is a crowd pleaser, an all around, voted most universally enjoyed, entirely yummy pie. Several different apples make for a bouquet of apple flavor in every bite!

Little Ladybug Bakery NEWS BULLETIN!

Hi Babes,


After four years of dutiful attendance to the Thursday Marin Civic Center farmers market I have decided to move on to greener pastures (get it? GREENER = $$$$$ …no? sigh).

Little Ladybug Bakery will still be attending our regular weekend markets :

Saturdays in Oakland at the Grand Lake farmers market, 9am-2pm


Sundays at the Marin  Civic Center farmers market, 8am-1pm.

I’ll be expanding my wholesale accounts and catering opportunities with my new ‘free’ day!  Contact me if you have any wholesale/catering questions.  Consider yourself updated!

Thank you for supporting this little Ladybug!!

Goodbye Pumpkin Pie…. HELLO French Coconut Custard Pie!

I love Pumpkin Pie, its my most very favorite pie.  But much like everything else in life, its time to shine has come and gone (see you in 10 months Pumpkin Pie!! ) and were now making room in our bellies for a new  pie flavor!


Enter (fabulously sashaying) French Coconut Custard Pie!  This wildly unique pie is divine, a gently sweet vanilla custard is mixed with toasted coconut creating a sweet, slightly chewy while still silky smooth dessert for the masses.


If you’ve had this pie, then I needn’t go on.

If you haven’t had this pie yet, I still needn’t go on. Just buy a slice and discover a taste of heaven for yourself!

See you at the market! xoxoIMG_1075

Best Thanksgiving EVER! Thanks to all of you!

Another fantastic holiday under our belts! (spilling over our waistlines? ehh, who gives a shhhht!)

This year Little Ladybug Bakery made and SOLD two hundred and four pies.  TWO HUNDRED AND FOUR PIES!


Thanks for supporting this Little Ladybug. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Well, I could have made the pies but I wouldn’t have been able to do the important ($$$$$) part which is SELL them without your help! I loves you! xoxoxox

IMG_3290 IMG_3304 IMG_3265


Hi Beauties!

MARIN COUNTY! – I’ll see you at the Marin Civic Center farmers market in San Rafael, 8am-1pm.

EAST BAY! – You will find me and the pies you’ve pre-ordered at 1552 Beach st. Emeryville, 3pm-5pm
(I work out of Carrie Dove Catering’s kitchen, they’ll be listed on the side of the big building)

Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is SEVEN days away! Order your pies now!

When was the last time you had a slice of REALLY good pie? Was it almost a year ago, was it last Thanksgiving? Then you realize how important it is to have amazingly delicious pie at your special dinner. Don’t be the knucklehead that shows up with a Costco pie (all shade intended). Be the hero that comes bearing Little Ladybug Pies!

Order online now! NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!







Hi pie lovers,

The time is here! My most favorite holiday ever! Lets get overwhelmingly full together, as a family!

Little Ladybug Bakery is here to fulfill your pie needs for this special day. However, since we are a small bakery there are only so many pies we can make, which means… ORDER YOUR PIES NOW SO YOU DONT MISS OUT!

Whole pies are in a 9.5″ shell – $22.00

Heirloom Apple Pie – made with organic heirloom Rhode Island Greeny, Rome Beauty, Arkansas Black, Jonathan, Black Twig, Gravenstein and Fuji apples. WOW! All those apples mixed together in an all butter pie crust. Don’t be crazy, buy two.

Classic Pumpkin Pie – This pie is just that, hella classically delicious. Smooth and soft custard-y texture. Flaky, all butter crust. The perfect smattering of cinnamon, ginger, clove and nutmeg to highlight the seasonal pumpkin flavor.

Pecan Walnut Pie – This nutrageous pie is what you’ve always wanted Pecan Pie to taste like. Yummy, deep, nutty flavor that is met and matched by a soft, sweet, caramelly filling. Locally sourced walnuts, organic eggs and going easy on the sugar make this pie the best you’ll ever have. Promise.


My Mom’s Biscuits Supreme - The name says it all. They are biscuits. They are SUPREME. They are my mom’s recipe, which comes from a 1947 Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. Remember how you’ve been talking about how you can’t find any really good biscuits in the Bay Area? Well, you’ve found them. Buy a dozen for Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll be a hero among commoners.

Chocolate Chip with Sea Salt Cookies – The best chocolate chip cookie you’ve had made better by a gentle pinch of Flaked Cypress Sea Salt on top. Buy some to help prep your stomach for dinner.

Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies – The smell of these cookies will bring people to you as if you were handing out $20 bills! The texture is crispy/crunchy on the edges and bendy/chewy in the middle. These cookies are good for after dinner, to help wash down the pie with.


MARIN COUNTY – Little Ladybug Bakery will be at the Marin Civic Center farmers market on WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 26, 8am-1pm. You can pick up your pies there, as well as do some last minute grocery shopping. The market is teeming with beautiful produce!

EAST BAY – You can pick up your pre-ordered pies from our commercial kitchen in Emeryville on WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 26, 3:00pm-5:00pm. 1552 Beach St. suite B & C Emeryville. I’ll have a table with my banner out in the parking lot to help guide you in.

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