Thanksgiving Pie Pick Up Info!

Have you ordered your Thanksgiving Pie yet?!?

Do that now…. I’ll wait.

Ok, the pies (and biscuits and cookies) all ordered?


I will see you on WEDNESDAY NOV. 25th,  3pm – 5pm. to dispense your delicious pies!

                        3015 Adeline Street, Oakland. 



Thank you so so SO SO much for supporting Little Ladybug Bakery!





Hi beautiful pie people!

Did you know you can order your Thanksgiving pies through this website and pick them up on Wednesday Nov. 25 (day before thanksgiving) 3pm-5pm?!? 

              3015 Adeline Street Oakland


Well you can!





This year we are offering the tried and true crowd pleasing favorites!


  • Classic Apple Pie – organic apples (granny smith/fuji/gala) tossed lightly with sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Double Crust or Crumble Top available.


  • Pecan Walnut Pie – toasted walnuts and pecans held in a delicious gooey vanilla scented filled. Proper nuts-to-goo ratio. Probably the best pecan walnut pie you’ve had since grandmas.


  • Traditional Pumpkin Pie – this pie…. sigh. Its breakfast, lunch and dinner. I love Pumpkin Pie and that love is clearly obvious in this pie. Organic eggs, pure vanilla extract, lush pumpkin-y flavor with the perfect smooth texture. Buy an extra pie for ‘leftovers’.


  • Biscuits Supreme – this biscuit recipe is from a 1947 Better Homes and Gardens cookbook that I own. Flakey, buttery, biscuit-y. They really are supreme. And you’re going to need a vessel to make the turkey/gravy/cranberry sauce sandwiches.


  • Ginger Molasses Cookies and Chocolate Chip with Sea Salt Cookies and Crazy Cookies – I know that one doesn’t really think ‘cookies’ when they think of Thanksgiving, but you’ve gotta have something to eat with all the wine you’re drinking before dinner!

All things Little Ladybug Bakery!

Hi pie lovers!

First through fourth, I know its early to be saying this but Thanksgiving is right around the corner! I’ll start taking preorders for pies starting November 1st – November 22nd. Do Not Wait To Order! I love the tradition of providing your holiday pies, lets make 2015 be the biggest and best year yet!

Fifth, Most important: I love you!



Thank you for being so amazing!

~ Ladybug



How Little Ladybug Bakery got its name.

Here is the story and the person who inspired Little Ladybug Bakery.

I fell in love with Jorge Alberto Cardenas Becerril the moment I turned around and saw him, just like that.  It was September 2008,  I  had recently moved to San Diego from Seattle and was working at a coffee shop which was across from the flower shop where he worked.   He came in all smiles, tattoos, muscles and motorcycles, its really no wonder at all that I loved him instantly, absolutely and completely.  Jorge was the first true love of my life.  He was the one that gave me the nickname Ladybug, because of my freckles.  He’s the reason I named my bakery Little Ladybug Bakery, I was his little ladybug. He encouraged me to quit my lame job and start my bakery, he helped me scoop cookies when I first got started.  Our relationship didn’t last, but not from lack of love.

My sweet Jorge died last night in a motorcycle accident.  He was only 27 years old.

Please hold tight to the ones you love. Please love as deeply as you possibly can, you’ll never regret it.

Please, please, please look twice for motorcycles when you’re driving.




Little Ladybug doing all sorts of Ladybug things

This summer has been amazing! So many weddings and special events! Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t invited to any (sigh) but I did provide the delicious pies and cookies to them! And thats almost as good, maybe better because I walked away with money rather than a hangover. …

Anyway, I wanted to touch base and remind everyone that these Seasonal Fruit Pies are only going to be around for a few more weeks.  Mother Nature waits for no foot dragging pie lover!  If Peach Pie is your absolute favorite pie, GET IT NOW! It is prime time for stone fruit and I have that stone fruit wrapped up in a flaky pastry crust. Seriously why are you not already lined up at my pie table to buy a slice?

Also available for a limited time is Cherry Pie. Cherry frikkin Pie! Made with red tart cherries. Are you going to pit enough cherries to make a pie?? I didn’t think so.  Which is smart because A. I already did that work for you and B. Pitting cherries is the worst. So messy.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and Mixed Berry Pie will be around until the end of the month and when it is gone, tears will flow.

Thats all for now. I hope everyone is having a lovely summer! Im working really hard to even out the ‘tan’ Ive got. (read: horrible sunburn)

xoxoIMG_4291 IMG_4296

Breaking News Update! Panda Watch! Channel 4 News Team Assemble!

Little Ladybug Bakery is doing really quite well as a wholesale bakery. Not that we all didn’t assume that to be the case, but here is confirmation. Wholesale is great!

You can now also find Little Ladybug Bakery baked goods at:


Coloso Coffee

1715 Webster St. Oakland


For Coloso Coffee and Awaken Cafe  Im making adorable little hand pies.  The hand pies can be eaten in 3-4 bites, perfect for a pie fiend on the go!

Also at Coloso Coffee and Awaken Cafe you can also find NEW Cheddar Herb Biscuits!

Im using the traditional 1947 Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook ‘Biscuit Supreme’ recipe and adding shredded cheddar cheese and a secret blend of herbs.  This amazing flakey, buttery, cheesy, herb-y biscuit should appease the more savory inclined baked good lover.


and, here is some obligatory food pOrn.

Hear ye Hear ye! Little Ladybug is making changes!

I really wish I had a Town Crier to announce this awesome news!

After 4.5 years of dutiful attendance to the Marin Civic Center farmers market (Every. Single. Sunday.) I have decided to move on. Its been real!

In other news,

Little Ladybug has expanded its wholesale business!!  You can find Little Ladybug Bakery sweets so many places now!

Like where?!

Like HERE!

~ Bicycle Coffee (cookies!) 2nd and Webster, Oakland

~ Awaken Cafe (they have my biscuits and tiny hand pies!) 14th and Broadway, Oakland

~ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (cookies!) 3rd and Mission, SF

~ Curbside Creamery (so many cookies and Pie slices!) Temescal Alley, Oakland

~ Melo Melo Kava Bar (cookies!)  1701 University Ave, Berkeley

~ Bay Grape Wine Shop (bags of cookies!) 376 Grand Ave, Oakland



Fashion Show at the farmers market last Saturday! (bonus pictures of Arnold and Mandor the cat.)

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